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Our excursion to Mali took place more than one year ago, but it is still a very important experience for me so I place the pictures on my page for those who haven't had the chance to watch them or want to watch them once again.

first morning

mainstation in the capital Bamako

a ministry

an avenue in the governmental district

boys delivering water

a schoolyard


some fellow passengers

the port of Segou I

the port of Segou II

a big turtle

goats in a courtyard

a Koran school

the effect of migration into cities

instrument to prepare food

so many children in Mali

the eldest mosque in the area

mangotrees, hmm so delicious

why don't have a little rest...

... while women are working?

production of clay bricks

an effective cooker

colours in black and white


the biggest building in clay in the world

in Djenné

a city made of clay

out of a door

at the edge of the monday-market in Djenné

I found the light very impressing

production of clay bricks

needs to be learned early

marocan windows

a popular toy

in a village close to Djenné

our group in the dogon country

a dogon village

how they keep the rhythm

an old tellem settlement

meeting point

on the way to a village

another settlement

a parking site...

... for the market

here you can buy meet

Baccara, a popular game

houses of another people beside the Dogon