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Nantes is nicely situated in the north-west oft france, close to the sea and close to the Bretagne. The cultural life is great and very enjoyable after three years in Darmstadt where the city-center is empty in the evening. There are two rivers in Nantes, much life and aslope houses...

View out of my flat-mates window

Decoration of our facade I

Decoration of our facade II

My room is situated above the green door

Tram-station in front of my house

A modern door

Nantaise speciality Ia

Nantaise speciality Ib

Nantaise speciality Ic

Nantaise speciality II

Tunnel for ships connecting the two rivers

Japanese Garden on the Île de Versaille

Cutted house

Boutique I - one of many wealthy shops in Nantes

Boutique IIa

Boutique IIb

Boutique III

"Art" in a rich shopping street

Nantaise lights I

Nantaise lights II